EMF Clearing Guide

The EMF Clearing Guide:  What you need to clear and how!

Although not comprehensive, this is an overview of the most common EMF polluters that we recommend clearing.


Cell Phones- Cell Phone Tab

iPhones- Cell Phone Tab

iPhone 6- Cell Phone Tab and 3-Hole

iPads- Star 3-Hole

Kindle- Star 3-Hole

Laptops- 3-Holes

Laptops hooked up to wifi- Star 3-Hole and 3-Hole

Desktop Computers- G-33

Wireless Router-  Star 3-Hole, G-333

Wireless Home Alarm System- G-33

Wireless Fence System- G-33

Wireless Head Phones- Cell Phone Tab on each earpiece

Televisions- 3-Hole

Televisions over 4 feet wide- (2) 3-Holes

Cordless Phones- (2) Star 3-Holes (on base unit and on headset)

Microwave Ovens- Star 3-Hole

Electric Alarm Clocks- 3-Hole

Baby Monitors- Star 3-Hole on each unit and base

Breaker Boxes- Tri-Pak

Smart Meters- Star Tri-Pak, G-333

Power Lines- Tri-Pak

Transformer Boxes- Tri-Pak

Cell Antennas on Roof- Clearfield Plate facing up

Neighboring Cell Towers- Star Tri-Pak and/or Clearfield Plate

Car Motors- Tri-Pak

Electric Car Main Battery- Tri-Pak

Electric Car Rear Battery- G-33

Car Dashboard- Star 3-Hole

Geopathic Stress Zones/Ground Radiations in a room- Energy Harmonizer

Geopathic Stress/Ground Radiations in an entire home- Clearfield Plate

Specific Geopathic Stress/ Curry Lines and Vortexes- Shell Spiral or Clearfield Plate

Water Heater- 3-Hole

Electric Outlet near head of bed- 3-Hole

Fluorescent Lighting Banks- Tri-Pak

Clearing Yourself- Bead, EMF Pendants, Energy Jewelry

Grounding Yourself- Pocket Resonator

Airplane Travel- Pocket Resonator