EMF Clearing Tips

EMF Pollution is the Fastest Growing Pollution

"Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible..." - Andrew Weil, M.D.,

EMF Pollution is the fastest growing pollution on the planet. Invisible to the naked eye, electromagnetic frequencies - or EMFs for short - affect the body's own ability to function. Research shows the continual stress caused by exposure to these frequencies leads to a host of symptoms that are now collectively termed Electrical Sensitivity.

All Wireless Devices Emit Microwave Radiation

All wireless communication takes emits microwave radiation, also known as radio frequency (RF) radiation. Published studies since the 1970s clearly show a correlation between microwave radiation and cancer. The largest study to date on EMFs done by the US National Toxicology Program in 2018 showed radiation exposure caused the growth of tumors in test animals.

5G Is Untested

The newest addition to EMF Pollution, 5G, is a different type of radiation that was originally used in the US and Chinese Military as an EMF Weapon. 5G radiation projects as a beam and has the ability to penetrate the skin through the sweat glands. 5G radiation is untested.

EMF Clearing Tips

Some basic Tips to consider when clearing EMFs...

  • Keep bedrooms and nurseries as free of technology as possible. Whatever tech has to be in the room, should be spot-cleared.
  • Keep Cell Phones out of the bedroom at night during sleep.
  • Know what is on the other side of the wall from the beds. If it is an appliance such as a refrigerator or an Electrical Box, it should be cleared.
  • Use wired connections whenever possible.
  • If using WiFi, shut it off during sleep.
  • Move the wireless router out of the bedroom.
  • Try to keep the wireless router in a place away from people and pets.
  • Opt out of a Smart Meter if given the option. If you can't opt-out, clear the Smart Meter either through spot-clearing or directional-clearing.
  • Always use your Cell Phone on speaker phone, as to avoid holding it close to the brain.
  • Avoid using WiFi in the car.
  • Treat Cordless Phones like Cell Phones and spot-clear them. Use them on speaker phone whenever possible.
  • It is important to clear children, as they are the most susceptible to the adverse affects of radiation. A small piece of EMF Jewelry is fine for kids.
  • Pets are also susceptible to the harm done by EMFs. They can be cleared by placing a Personal Device on their collars and/or a clearing device under their pet beds.
  • Bee hives can be cleared using Crystal Catalyst or Shungite.
  • Bird cages can be cleared by placing a Resonator in the bottom of the cage.
  • Some people who are very sensitive to EMFs choose to turn off the electricity to the bedroom at night. Another option is to move the bed several feet away from the wall so as to distance yourself from the wiring.
  • Spot-clear electrical outlets that are within 3-4 feet from the bed.
  • Use old tech or go low tech whenever possible.
  • Avoid using your Cell Phone if the signal is weak.
  • Avoid using your Cell Phone in a car, as the signal increases in strength to keep a connection as the car is moving.

 Energy clearing is subtle. While most people do find they feel an increased sense of well-being when clearing and harmonizing EMFs, others are not as sensitive to feeling energies. Basic Muscle Testing can be used to show the body is stronger, even if it is difficult to discern how one feels.

Also, if the body has been stressed enough to produce symptoms of Electrical Sensitivity, it can take some time for the body to regain strength and eliminate these symptoms.