EMF Products

Peruse our entire line of Crystal Catalyst Resonators! Our line is divided into the different types of Resonators in our dropdown menu.

Personal EMF Protection Resonators are worn or carried in a pocket for personal protection from EMFs.

EMF Pendants offer strong personal EMF protection along with Chakra balancing and enhancement for health and wellbeing.

Spot-clearing Resonators are placed directly on devices, such as cell phones and computers, and clear that devices' EMF field.

Space-clearing Resonators broadcast out a beneficial frequency that clears a medium to large size room of EMFs and Geopathic Stress.

Whole House Clearing will clear an entire home or office of EMFs and Geopathic Stress while broadcasting out a frequency that is both strengthening and restorative to the body, animals and pets alike!

Authentic Shungite is high-grade, uncoated Shungite whose natural clearing properties work well in conjunction with the beneficial resonance of Crystal Catalyst to clear and elevate the energy in a space.



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    Pet EMF Pendant


    Pet EMF Protection You and Your Pet Can Count On! Pet EMF Protection is often overlooked. EMFs affect the health of pets in the same adverse way they do humans. Pets spend a great deal of their lives indoors, with some cats spending their entire lives...