EMF Products

Peruse our entire line of Crystal Catalyst Resonators! Our line is divided into the different types of Resonators in our dropdown menu.

Personal EMF Protection Resonators are worn or carried in a pocket for personal protection from EMFs.

EMF Pendants offer strong personal EMF protection along with Chakra balancing and enhancement for health and wellbeing.

Spot-clearing Resonators are placed directly on devices, such as cell phones and computers, and clear that devices' EMF field.

Space-clearing Resonators broadcast out a beneficial frequency that clears a medium to large size room of EMFs and Geopathic Stress.

Whole House Clearing will clear an entire home or office of EMFs and Geopathic Stress while broadcasting out a frequency that is both strengthening and restorative to the body, animals and pets alike!

Authentic Shungite is high-grade, uncoated Shungite whose natural clearing properties work well in conjunction with the beneficial resonance of Crystal Catalyst to clear and elevate the energy in a space.

Pocket Polarity works to restore balance to the body and increase the flow of life energy.



  •  Power-Up Pyramid
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    Power-Up Pyramid


    Power-Up Pyramid - Clear & Uplift Your Energy Space! Ancient Technology delivers powerful EMF and energy clearing for today's modern spaces! The Power-Up Pyramid will clear a 576 square foot space of all types of electromagnetic frequencies; wired,...
  • Carbon-1 Bracelet
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    Carbon-1 Bracelet


    *Unfortunately, due to the current Lockdown in Russia, the Carbon-1 Bracelet might not be available until the new year. We will update this page if there are any changes. We will be looking for a comparable Authentic Shungite Bracelet that is still able...
  • Cuboid
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    Cuboid - Strong EMF Clearing & Earth Energy! The Cuboid offers peace of mind in more ways then one! With its strong ability to clear all types of EMFs, including wired, wireless and 5G, as well as all types of Geopathic Stress Zones, the Cuboid...
  • Elite Noble Shungite
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    Elite Noble Shungite


    Elite Noble Shungite - RARE Grade 1 - Ancient Super Stone! *Best Stones for Making Shungite Water* Elite Noble Shungite - Grade 1-  is a very rare stone that is becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain. Large reserves of Elite Noble...
  • Pocket Polarity
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    Pocket Polarity


    Pocket Polarity For Balancing & Enhancing Life Energy! Polarity Therapy is the art and science of balancing the flow of life energy within the human body. The term Polarity refers to the attraction of opposites and is a Law that is seen in nature...
  • Crystal Catalyst Bead
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    Crystal Catalyst Bead


    Enjoy personal EMF protection and energy enhancement. Wear as a necklace or bracelet! Personal EMF Protection & Energy Enhancement The Crystal Catalyst Bead provides personal EMF protection and continual energy enhancement to the wearer. Comprised...
  • Cell Phone Tab
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    Cell Phone Tab


    Clear Cell Phones, Bluetooth Headsets, Apple Watches, Wearable Monitoring Devices and more! Cell Phone Radiation Protection The Cell Phone Tab clears wireless radiation from Cell Phones, Bluetooth Headsets and other wireless devices. The Tab is...
  • Star 3-Hole
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    Star 3-Hole


     Clear Wifi-enabled Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cordless Phones, Smart TVs and more! Spot-Clear Wireless Radiation  The Star 3-Hole Resonator is an Advanced Ceramic Dielectric Resonator that absorbs harmful wireless radiations and...
  • 3-Hole Resonator
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    3-Hole Resonator


    Clear non-WiFi Computers, Corded Phones, Electric Outlets, Electric Water Heaters and more! Spot-Clear Wired EMF Fields The 3-Hole Resonator is an Advanced Ceramic Dielectric Resonator that absorbs harmful electromagnetic frequencies and transforms...
  • Protective EMF Pendant
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    Protective EMF Pendant


    Personal EMF Protection & Protection from Other People's Energies The Protective EMF Pendant provides personal EMF protection to the wearer and protection from other people's energies. Consisting of a Crystal Catalyst Bead and various...
  • Energy Harmonizer
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    Energy Harmonizer


    Harmonize EMFs  & Geopathic Stress in a Room The Energy Harmonizer will clear a room of EMFs and Geopathic Stress. Utilizing the new Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst Technology, the Energy Harmonizer transforms harmful frequencies into...
  • Frequency Harmonizer EMF Pendant
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    Frequency Harmonizer EMF Pendant


    Personal EMF Protection From Harsh Wireless Radiations The Frequency Harmonizer EMF Pendant is designed to provide personal EMF protection from harsh wireless radiations. The Frequency Harmonizer EMF Pendant also provides continual energy enhancement to...
  • Pocket Locket
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    Pocket Locket


    'Enhanced' personal EMF protection and grounding. Designed with 5G in mind! 'Enhanced' Personal EMF Protection & Grounding The Pocket Locket is the newest Crystal Catalyst Resonator. Designed with 5G radiation in mind, the Pocket Locket contains a...
  • Prosperity EMF Pendant
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    Prosperity EMF Pendant


    Personal EMF Protection & Prosperity The Prosperity EMF Pendant provides personal EMF protection to the wearer while helping to draw prosperity into one's life. Consisting of a Crystal Catalyst Bead and healing Gemstones, the Prosperity EMF Pendant...
  • B-510
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    Strong personal EMF protection and grounding using Crystal Catalyst Crumbles! The B-510 - Make Yourself EMF Bulletproof! The B-510 is one of the newest additions to the line of Crystal Catalyst Resonators. Always looking for ways to improve the line...
  • Physical Chakra Balancer EMF Pendant
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    Physical Chakra Balancer EMF Pendant


    Personal EMF Protection & Increased Vitality The Physical Chakra Balancer EMF Pendant provides personal EMF protection to the wearer and increased vitality. Consisting of a Crystal Catalyst Bead and therapeutic-grade Gemstones, the Physical Chakra...