Authentic Shungite

 Authentic Shungite is a stone that is over 2 billion years old. It is found only in Russia. Containing Organic Carbon and naturally occurring Fullerenes, including C60, Authentic Shungite has been shown in studies to have the ability to protect from both EMFs as well as Geopathic Stress.

In addition, Authentic Shungite has been studied by the Russians for health and have found it to quicken the body's ability to heal from illness, surgery and disease. Shungite Rooms are now used in many hospitals in Russia.

 There are many stones currently on the market that are advertised as Shungite but are not. These stones look identical to Shungite, but are not real Shungite. They are mined in India and China.

  Authentic Shungite is found only in Russia.

 But not all Shungite that comes from Russia is high-grade enough to be able to be used for EMF clearing or for improving health. The bulk of Shungite mined in Russia is an inferior form of the stone that is appropriate for industrial use but has no therapeutic benefits.

 EMF Blues sources our own Authentic Shungite directly from the Russian mine that mines high-grade, therapeutic Shungite. All of our Shungite is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 30% Organic Carbon and is also guaranteed to be carved from a single piece of Shungite stone.

Inferior Shungite pieces will often be cast from rubble and powder. This grade of Shungite can not be used for EMF protection or for increasing wellness.

*Due to the Lockdown in Russia, we are experiencing some delays with our Shungite shipments. Please take advantage of our Pre-Order option where applicable and reserve your Authentic Shungite before it sells out!

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    Carbon-1 Bracelet


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    Carbon-1 Pendant


    *Due to inclement weather in Russia, the rare type of Shungite stone used to make the Carbon-1 Pendant is not able to be mined for several months, so there are no new Carbon-1 Pendants being made at this time. Mining for the stone will begin in the...
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    Sphere Harmonizer w/Stand


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    Cube Stabilizer


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    The Great Pyramid


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