Personal EMF Protection

Personal EMF Protection means wearing or carrying an EMF Protection Device that will protect your body's own energy field from EMFs.

In today's high-tech world, we recommend everyone wear or carry personal EMF protection. This affords you protection from EMFs wherever you go!

  • Crystal Catalyst Bead


    Personal EMF Protection & Energy Enhancement The Crystal Catalyst Bead provides personal EMF protection and continual energy enhancement to the wearer. Comprised entirely of the Advanced Ceramic Material Crystal Catalyst Technology, the Bead...
  • Pocket Locket


    'Enhanced' Personal EMF Protection & Grounding The Pocket Locket is the newest Crystal Catalyst Resonator. Designed with 5G radiation in mind, the Pocket Locket contains a new, 'enhanced' version of Crystal Catalyst Technology to make it stronger...
  • B-510


    The B-510 - Make Yourself EMF Bulletproof! The B-510 is the newest addition to the line of Crystal Catalyst Resonators. Always looking for ways to improve the line while addressing the ever increasing amount of EMF Pollution present in our environments,...
  • W-500


    The W-500 - 'Sensitive' Personal EMF Protection The W-500 is the Resonator of choice for those who are highly sensitive to energies and for those who are already very electrically sensitive. Similar to the B-510 in its design, the W-500 emits a gentle...