Spot-clearing refers to clearing the individual EMF field coming from electronic devices or technologies. Wired spot-clearing refers to clearing electronics that emit only wired EMFs.

EMFs are most potent when in close proximity to the source. For this reason, we recommend spot-clearing those technologies that you use in close proximity and frequently for longer periods of time.

The most frequently spot-cleared items that emit wired frequencies are wired routers, non-WiFi computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, electric water heaters, crock pots, electric alarm clocks, electrical outlets close to beds, and regular TVs.

he most frequently spot-cleared items that emit wireless radiation are Cell Phones, Bluetooth Devices/Headsets, Wireless Routers, WiFi enabled Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smart TVs, Smart Meters, Wireless Security Systems, Microwave Ovens and Smart Speakers.

To spot-clear an appliance or technology, the Resonator is placed directly on the technology being cleared.

Find out which wired spot-clearing Resonator is best for your needs!

  • So-Square
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    So-Square So Many Uses for EMF Clearing & Charging! Get creative with clearing! The So-Square has so many practical uses and applications, your imagination is the limit when using this clearing tool. Handcrafted from a single piece of high-grade...
  • Swirl-It
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    Swirl-It  Don't just spot-clear it, Swirl-It! Spot-clear your technologies and appliances using the Swirl-It! Spot-clearing clears the individual EMF field coming from the technology or appliance and is the recommended method for clearing all...
  • Cell Phone Tab
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    Cell Phone Tab


    Clear Cell Phones, Bluetooth Headsets, Apple Watches, Wearable Monitoring Devices and more! Cell Phone Radiation Protection The Cell Phone Tab clears wireless radiation from Cell Phones, Bluetooth Headsets and other wireless devices. The Tab is...
  • Star 3-Hole
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    Star 3-Hole


     Clear Wifi-enabled Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cordless Phones, Smart TVs and more! Spot-Clear Wireless Radiation  The Star 3-Hole Resonator is an Advanced Ceramic Dielectric Resonator that absorbs harmful wireless radiations and...
  • 3-Hole Resonator
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    3-Hole Resonator


    Clear non-WiFi Computers, Corded Phones, Electric Outlets, Electric Water Heaters and more! Spot-Clear Wired EMF Fields The 3-Hole Resonator is an Advanced Ceramic Dielectric Resonator that absorbs harmful electromagnetic frequencies and transforms...
  • G-33
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    Clear TVs, non-WiFi Desktop Computers, Circuit Breaker Boxes, Solar Panel Batteries and more! 'Extra-Strength' Wired EMF Protection The G-33 provides 'Extra-Strength' protection from wired EMFs. Containing the Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst...
  • G-333
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    Clear WiFi-enabled Desktop Computers, Smart Meters, Wireless Routers, Smart TVs and more! 'Extra-Strength' Wireless Radiation Protection The G-333 provides 'Extra-Strength' protection from wireless radiation, including 5G. Containing the Advanced...