Harmonizing EMFs

Clearing EMFs has become an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

While blocking or shielding EMFs is a popular concept, there is evidence that blocking of an active signal only increases its strength, as the signal continually tries to make a connection.

For example, if you are using a shielding or blocking case on a cell phone, if that cell phone is on, the blocking material will only work to increase the radiation output of the cell phone's signal, as the signal will continually strive to make a connection. But because it is being blocked, it has to work that much harder, which translates into higher levels of radiation.

It is the same concept as not using a cell phone if the signal connection is weak, as studies show you are being exposed to higher amounts of radiation.

If it was possible to place a shield on a Smart Meter and block its signal, the Utility Company who installed the Smart Meter would contact you - as they would not be able to pick up the Meter's signal on their end.

In addition, frequencies do not just travel in one direction. So, using a laptop on a lap and placing it on a shielding mat might block the frequencies that are being emitted from the base of the laptop, but this is just a fraction of the frequencies the laptop is emitting.

The frequencies a laptop emits come out of its front, back, top, bottom. These frequencies do not travel in a straight line, they arc. As energy is not linear. These frequencies will hit the body even if the frequencies from the base are being blocked.

There are instances where blocking or shielding can work. But, these instances are limited to using material such as paint or fabric to block an entire room, not a technology that is emitting an active signal.

If you are interested in blocking or shielding, we are not here to dissuade. But it is not the method we choose to use for active technologies. We choose to harmonize the frequencies using either an Advanced Ceramic or a high-grade Shungite.

Both substances transform the frequencies so they are no longer stressful when they hit the body, but are made beneficial. Due to this transformation of frequencies, both of these substances have certain properties that can aid the body in repair or rejuvenation and potentially increase overall wellness.

We think this is a much more holistic approach to EMF clearing and the approach we choose to use at EMF Blues.

Please be aware, the harmonization of EMFs can not be measured using an EMF Meter. The frequencies are still present - which is why your wifi still works even after clearing it - but they have been transformed so they are no longer chaotic and weakening to the body.

The best method for testing harmonization of EMFs is via basic Muscle Testing. This can be done at home with a partner. It is recommended to Muscle Test when spot-clearing a device rather than overall space-clearing, as the energy is concentrated and the results of harmonization will be much clearer to discern.

The harmonization of electromagnetic frequencies using an Advanced Ceramic or Crystal Carbon Shungite has nothing to do with mystical energy. Advanced Ceramics are the basis of all modern technology and conductive stones such as Shungite have been in use for centuries for clearing earth radiation as well as people's bio-energy fields.

In our experience, both Crystal Catalyst and high-grade Shungite share similar abilities when it comes to clearing EMFs. They are interchangeable in most instances. With that said, their energies are slightly different, and some people might find they prefer one energy to another.


To learn what to clear and how, visit our EMF Clearing Guide.