Harmonizing EMFs

Why Block or Shield Frequencies When You Can Harmonize Them?

"Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible." 

-Dr. Andrew Weil

What is EMF Pollution?

Electromagnetic (EMF) Pollution is the phrase used to describe artificial, man-made electromagnetic radiations that exist in our environment.

Up until the Industrial Revolution and the advent of electric light, the only radiations present on the planet were natural radiations emitted by the earth.

The majority of earth's natural electromagnetic field are essential to good health and necessary for all life forms -people, plants, animals- to thrive.

21st Century EMF Pollution: The Great Experiment

While there are studies showing that the advent of electric light in the late 1800s began a pattern of disease in humans due to the artificial electromagnetic fields they were now exposed to, the introduction of microwave radiations ushered in by wireless communications in the later part of the 20th century has begun a new era of EMF Pollution that many scientists regard as "The Great Experiment".

Why are EMFs Harmful To The Body?

The human body is essentially a battery. It is electromagnetic in nature. The brain, specifically, functions on an electric current.

The body is designed to absorb and utilize natural radiations received from the sun, moon, earth and stars.

In fact, the eyes are the greatest absorbers of electromagnetic radiations, as the organs of vision are really an extension of the highly electrical brain.

When the body is placed into fields of electromagnetic frequencies that are not in alignment with the natural world, the body becomes imbalanced and weakened.

Over time, this can lead to a host of symptoms as the body is no longer able to function optimally. If the body is continually kept in this weakened state, stress hormones become spiked, and a disease state can arise.

Is EMF Exposure Linked To Disease?

Yes, there have been studies that have found exposure to EMFs increases the risk of developing a degenerative disease. Diabetes, Leukemia, Alzheimer's, Parkinsons and Cancer are among the diseases that have been found to increase under exposure to EMFs.

Additional studies have found a correlation between EMF exposure and Autism, ADD, infertility, spontaneous abortion and miscarriage.

Is Wireless Radiation Different Than EMFs?

Wireless radiation is the most dangerous form of EMF Pollution, outside of 5G, which is a specific type of wireless radiation. Wireless radiation is also called microwave radiation or radiofrequency (RF) radiation.

Wireless radiation is able to penetrate the body on a cellular level and, according to many studies, cause breaks in our DNA which can lead to diseases such as Cancer as well as genetic birth-defects.

While wired frequencies are harmful to the body, all studies show that wireless radiation is more dangerous.

What Emits Wired EMFs?

Regular wired frequencies are emitted by power lines, electric water heaters, , electrical boxes, transformer boxes, TVs, computers, monitors, electric alarm clocks, solar panel batteries, electrical outlets, electric meters, refrigerators, car batteries, corded phones, wired modems and more.

What Emits Wireless Radiation?

Cell phones, cell phone towers, cell phone antennas, smart meters, bluetooth, cordless phones, satellite dishes, airport and military radar, wifi modems, smart TVs, 5G microcells, xrays, wireless security systems, wireless baby monitors, wireless fences, alexa, smart homes, fitbit and more.

Can EMFs Be Blocked or Shielded?

Studies have shown that blocking an active signal works to increase the signals strength as it strives to make a connection. This increases the signal's radiation output.

Independent studies into blocking or shielding rooms has shown that living organisms require healthy radiations to thrive and that biological life becomes weakened when all EMF fields are blocked.

This could be why people who use blocking or shielding materials seem to become more sensitive over time to EMFs, as their bodies' might no longer be exposed to the harmful EMFs through shielding but they are also simultaneously depriving themselves of the beneficial frequencies.

What Does Harmonizing EMFs Mean?

Harmonizing EMFs is like filtering tap water. The water is still present but is now cleaned.

When harmonizing EMFs, the frequencies are still present but they have been 'filtered' and 'cleaned'. The newly filtered frequencies are made 'coherent' or harmonized.

These harmonized frequencies are no longer stressful and debilitating to the body, but rather beneficial and strengthening, as is proven via Muscle Testing. 

Does Harmonizing EMFs Change How They Work?

Not at all. The newly harmonized frequencies function in the same manner as they did before harmonization.

If you have a wifi router and harmonize the emissions, there will be no change in your wifi connection. The same is true for a cell phone. If you harmonize the cell phone radiation it will not affect the quality of the cell phone signal or its connection.

Are There Natural Substances That Harmonize EMFs?

Yes! Many natural substances have varying abilities to harmonize EMFs.

Many natural gemstones and clays possess an innate ability to do this. For example, large amounts of clay were dumped in a lake after the nuclear meltdown of Chernobyl in Russia in 1986 to neutralize the radiation.

Do Your EMF Devices Use Natural Substances To Harmonize EMFs?


Our line of Authentic Shungite uses an ancient mineral formed over 2 billion years ago that contains a high percentage of organic carbon along with the powerful antioxidant known as fullerenes.

Both of these materials transform the electromagnetic frequencies and radiations so they are no longer stressful when they hit the body, but rather beneficial.

This allows the body to stay strong even when in the presence of a harsh EMF field.

Due to this transformation of frequencies into beneficial resonances, both of these substances also confer certain properties that can aid the body in repair or rejuvenation to potentially increase overall strength, immunity and well-being.