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How to Dowse and Manifest Daily Needs

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In this 22 page booklet Master Dowser and Psychic Healer Charmion McKusick shares her wealth of experience in dowsing and in the psychic realm to help teach you how to communicate with your higher self and reprogram your subconscious to manifest your daily needs with ease and confidence and for the highest good of all.

Table Of Contents

  1. The Three Selves – pg. 1
  2. The Connection of the Three Selves – pg. 5
  3. Do the Selves Always Agree? – pg. 8
  4. Reprogramming the Subconscious – pg. 11
  5. Which Self Does the Manifesting? – pg. 12
  6. Dowsing the Manifesting Program – pg. 17
  7. Manifesting the Need – pg. 19
  8. Suggested Reading – pg. 22


Read some excerpts…

“In order to learn to manifest daily needs, it is necessary to make the acquaintance of the parts of the human psyche which we hope to involve in the process. The college psychology I took in the 1940s was based on the work of Freud and has little to offer in explaining the process of manifesting. In the 1970s I went back to school and took updated courses in abnormal psychology and the growth and development of children. Wardell Larsen, my instructor, was impressed with the work of Maslow. To help us remember the parts of the personality, he drew a chart on the blackboard. The ‘Id’ represented the infantile part of the personality. The ‘Ego’ was the self which carried us through the practical aspects of life. The ‘Super Ego’ was the socialized part of the personality which was largely formed by authority figures-parents, teachers, ministers, employers, etc.”

“The memory banks of the subconscious may be programmed with wrong information, or with information which is no longer appropriate or relevant. In order to change the program of the subconscious portion of the Lower Self, it is necessary to convince it that work has been accomplished to make a change, and that it is permissible to accept a new program. The easiest way to accomplish this is to perform some operation in which the hands are involved. ”

“Elaine Jay Finster, another Feng Shui practitioner, suggests throwing out bird seed to increase business. The theory seems to be that little birds fluttering about picking up seeds ‘stirs up the chi’, much like Max Freedom Long’s model of the vital force flowing like water through a pipe from the Lower Self. “

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