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This 26 page booklet is jam-packed with information from an experienced Master Dowser and psychic healer. Charmion was taught to dowse by her father at the age of 4 and been dowsing every since…that’s over 70 years! How To Dowse and Balance the Chakras explores the fundamentals of dowsing, including dowsing for beginners, and teaches the reader a simple method to balance the chakras using pendulum dowsing. Imbalanced chakras are often at the root of ill health. Balancing the chakras helps create wellness in the body. This simple and non-invasive technique is a great asset to have for keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy and happy.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction – pg. 1
  2.  Relationship of the Chakras to Dowsing Accuracy – pg. 4
  3. Shifting into the Dowsing Mode – pg. 5
  4. Effects of Chakra Imbalance on Dowsing Accuracy – pg. 9
  5. Chakra Chart – pg. 12
  6. Chakra Balancing Record Form – pg. 14
  7. Do Chakras Exist? If so, Do Chakras Rotate – pg. 15
  8. Balancing the Chakras – pg. 17
  9. Can’t I Just Do It Mentally? – pg. 20
  10. Sun Signs and Decans – pg. 22
  11. Metals and Gemstones by Signs and Decans – pg. 23
  12. Folk Uses of Common Gemstones and Minerals – pg. 26


Read some excerpts…

” From time to time, students would ask, “Why does my pendulum lie to me?” The answer was that, for some reason, they were unable to shift gears into the proper brain wave state to produce reliable dowsing results. In order to assist them, I developed a simple program they could follow to still their minds and shift into dowsing mode.”

“Laboratory tests we performed in the early 1970’s of dowsers with an E.E.G. have demonstrated that in order to perform the dowsing task, the dowser must be in Alpha Brain Wave Frequency, 8-13 hertz or cycles per second. In order to receive the dowsing impulse, the dowser must experience a Theta burst, 4-7 Hertz within the Alpha field. The questing signal is sent out by the dowser while in Alpha. The return signal, which carries the desired information, seems to trigger a Theta burst. The brain wave frequency is about 6 Hertz at the actual moment of reception. ”

“Many women who have female problems show reversed rotation and extreme under function of the second chakra. They should be balanced out, but something needs to be done to prevent the condition of imbalance from recurring. Often the condition of imbalance is associated with sleeping over an active Geopathic Zone, or with direct emanations from a microwave dish.”

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  • 5
    Great PDF

    Posted by Sonia on Aug 26th 2020

    I've been working on my chakras and learned so much more with this information. Very resourceful. Thanks for sharing.

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