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Keeper Bracelet

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Keeper BraceletKeeps You Protected From EMFs

The Keeper Bracelet is a stylish way to wear your personal EMF protection!

The Keeper Bracelet is a chunky bracelet with a charming bohemian flare. The Keeper Bracelet keeps you protected from EMFs while adding style to any look!

The cell phone and the tablet put our fingertips in contact with high amounts of radiation throughout the day. When we touch these screens, the levels of radiation our fingertips come into contact with exceeds what is currently considered safe by regulating agencies.

Wireless keyboards and mouses only add to the levels of radiation our fingertips absorb. Wearing personal EMF protection on the wrist is a smart way to protect yourself from contact with these harsh frequencies.

The Keeper Bracelet will provide strong personal EMF protection for your entire body, not just your fingertips! It harmonizes all types of EMFs; wired, wireless and 5G. The process of harmonization transforms these harmful frequencies into beneficial resonances. These harmonized frequencies are no longer stressful to the body, but rather strengthening.

The Keeper Bracelet will also work to increase the wearer's connection to the frequency of the earth. This is referred to as grounding. Grounding has many benefits. It has been shown to increase overall protection from EMFs, and works to strengthen the body.

Authentic Shungite is found only in Russia. A mineraloid that is estimated to be over 2 billion years old, Authentic Shungite is Carbon based. Carbon is known to filter water and air, and these filtering properties are past onto Authentic Shungite.

Authentic Shungite is the only known natural earth source of concentrated Fullerenes. Fullerenes are being called the Master Antioxidant due to their abilities to quench free-radicals. Fullerenes are thought to act upon EMFs using their antioxidant abilities, rendering them less oxidizing to the body, thereby less stressful. Fullerenes in Authentic Shungite are also thought to contribute to Authentic Shungite's ability to beautify the skin and hair when worn and/or used topically.

The Keeper Bracelet is made from high-quality Type III Shungite stone. This Type III Shungite contains between 30%-50% Carbon, as opposed to lesser grades which can contain as little as 15%-20% Carbon.

The Keeper Bracelet measures 8 inches in length. The tumbled stones vary in shape and size, which is what gives the bracelet it's charm and bohemian flare!

Authentic Shungite can be worn with any other type of stone or crystal. It is not affected by metals, so it is fine to wear any type of metal chain on the same wrist.

It is a chunky bracelet with some weight, so it might be too big for a small child, but is fine for pre-teens and teenagers.

ALERT: The Keeper Bracelet arrives to us fresh from the Shungite Mine in Russia, where it is handmade. Although the tumbled stones used in the bracelet are polished via tumbling, the bracelet will arrive to you with Shungite powder on it. So, if you put the bracelet on right out of the package, you will see a black powder on your wrist. We recommend rinsing the Keeper Bracelet in warm water or using a damp cloth to clean the Shungite powder off of each of the stones off before wearing.

Origin: Russia

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    Very happy with the bracelet.

    Posted by Irene McGarvey on Jul 12th 2022

    Received shungite stone bracelet convenience of a bracelet for emf protection