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Pet EMF Pendant


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Pet EMF Protection You and Your Pet Can Count On!

Pet EMF Protection is often overlooked. EMFs affect the health of pets in the same adverse way they do humans. Pets spend a great deal of their lives indoors, with some cats spending their entire lives inside, and they are very susceptible to the effects of EMF fields that might be present in your space.

Many pets today are given RFID chips as a precautionary measure in the instance that they go missing. RFID chips, short for Radio-Frequency Identification, emit wireless microwave radiation and act like a wireless barcode, able to be scanned from a distance. RFID chips have been linked to cancers in pets. Animal trials have shown the growth of RFID induced tumors.

In addition to the radiation pets that are micro-chipped are potentially exposed to, many pet owners install wireless fences on their property. The collar worn by the pet transmits a continuous wireless signal back and forth between the collar and the fence.

Pet cancers are at an all time high, and there can be many contributing factors. But the presence of EMFs and the continual exposure of pets to these fields is certainly working to suppress the animals overall immunity and keep them in a continual state of low-grade stress, which over time leads to a breakdown of the body.

While clearing the home of frequencies is important to do for your pet - as well as for yourself - having your pet wear personal EMF protection on their collar is a simple way to provide them with strong personal EMF protection while indoors and outdoors

About The Pet EMF Pendant

The Pet EMF Pendant works to harmonize all types of electromagnetic fields. This includes wired EMFs, wireless radiation, as well as 5G.  The Pet EMF Pendant will also harmonize Geopathic Stress Zones. Geopathic Stress Zones are areas where the earth's natural radiation has been altered due to traveling through rockbeds, water, etc. These altered frequencies have been found to be very stressful to the body. Sleeping in Geopathic Stress Zones has been linked to cancer in European studies. Placing the Pet EMF Pendant on your pet ensures that wherever your pet sleeps, they will not be adversely affected by these harmful Zones. The Pet EMF Pendant also works to balance the central nervous system, helping to make your pet calmer and more relaxed.

The Pet EMF Pendant consists of an Authentic Raw Nugget of Elite Shungite. This is Elite Shungite, rather than Noble Elite Shungite, so the Shungite appears black as opposed to silvery. Noble Elite Shungite is much more expensive than Elite Shungite, as it is much more rare. In terms of clearing and healing properties, the regular black Elite Shungite used to make this Pet EMF Pendant offers phenomenal results, without being too delicate to be worn by pets. Consisting of over 90% Organic Carbon, it is a powerful clearer of the Bio-Field, which is the energy around the body.

Russian studies have found Authentic Shungite:

*Harmonizes all types of electromagnetic fields; wired, wireless (RF radiation) and 5G

*Harmonizes Geopathic Stress Zones (also known as underground earth radiation)

*Balances the central nervous system

*Reduces rheumatic pain

*Aids in boosting overall immunity

*Has a calming effect

*Has an air purifying effect as it mitigates microbes in the environment as well as mold spores


Each Pet EMF Pendant can be easily attached to a ring on a pet's collar. The Elite Shungite stone itself measures about 1 inch. As each stone is unique, the actual size and shape of the stones will vary slightly from piece to piece. The entire Pet EMF Pendant is a little less then 2 inches in length. It is lightweight so can easily be worn by small dogs and cats. Can also be worn by horses. As with all of our Authentic Shungite, the Elite Nugget on our Pet EMF Pendant is not coated or glazed but left Raw. It will conduct electricity strongly if put to the light bulb test. 

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Made by hand with love in small batches for your pet!

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