Pet EMF Protection

Protect Your Pets from the Health Hazards Associated with Continual Exposure to EMF

Because EMFs are a health risk for pets, too!

Your pets spend a lot of time in your home…probably more than you do! And just like you, they are affected by EMF Pollution.

Cancer, heart disease, tumors and accelerated aging are just some of the effects associated with long term EMF exposure. And, just like you, your pets will show acute symptoms from short term exposure. They might not complain of headaches and fatigue, but they will display odd behavior along with increased nervousness.


If you’re pet just isn’t acting like him or herself, it could be a tell-tale sign that EMFs are at hand.

Animals can sense energy a lot better than we can. They go on vibes. That’s why you can’t get a dog to sleep over a Geopathic Stress Zone. It doesn’t matter how many times you put their bed there, they just won’t stay. Now cats, that’s a whole other story. Cats love funky radiations and, like Daphne in the pic above, will seek out hot spots for perching and sleeping. But just because cats like EMFs, doesn’t mean they’re good for them!

To help keep your animal friends EMF safe, don’t let them sleep on or near electronic appliances like TVs, refrigerators and computers. If your pet likes to hang out next to you while you work on your computer, try to make sure they’re not resting their head on it. It’s also a good idea to place their food bowls away from the fridge.

Like us, our animal friends are now being exposed 24/7 to all sorts of wireless microwave radiations. That’s why we recommend hanging a Crystal Catalyst Bead on your pet’s collar. If your pet doesn’t wear a collar, just place it in their bed or under their favorite pillow.

Crystal Catalyst® Beads have been used for over 23 years to help both people and animals stay protected from EMFs. We’re proud to say the bead has been worn by many dairy cows who have given more (and healthier!) milk as a result.

If you must use an Invisible Fence for your pet (which we do not recommend using due to the risks associated with exposing both your pet and your family to continuous wireless), we recommend clearing the actual unit as well as placing a Bead on the pet’s collar.