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Pocket Resonator

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Personal EMF Protection & Grounding

The Pocket Resonator provides strong personal EMF protection and grounding. Containing the Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst Technology, the Pocket Resonator transforms harmful frequencies into beneficial resonances that are no longer stressful to the body.


In addition to its EMF clearing properties, the Pocket Resonator aligns the body's resonance to that of the earth to aid in grounding the body. The grounding increases protection from EMFs as well as works to provide stability during times of stress.


The grounding properties of the Pocket Resonator will also work to diminish the affects of Jet Lag when used during air travel.


The Pocket Resonator clears all types of EMFs: wired, wireless and 5G.


How To Use

The Pocket Resonator is designed to be carried in a pocket. It can also be carried in a purse or bag. When positioning the Pocket Resonator in a pocket, be sure to position it so the bottom of the Resonator is aiming into the body. The top of the Resonator with the design should be facing away for the body.

The Pocket Resonator does not need recharging or replacing, as its clearing field will not diminish over time.


What People Are Saying About the Pocket Resonator...

"When I took the Pocket Resonator out of the packaging the energy really popped out at me so I knew it was going to be effective in some way. I had no idea just how effective. I am very sensitive to EMF and during the day work 8+hrs at a computer throughout the week.  I am truly grateful to be regaining my memory and clarity of mind… I had not really realized just how “blue” I had gotten about the daily stress and struggles of trying to perform my day job…now that the fog is lifting… I see it has been a stress for a long time. Thank you for your efforts of creating such effective device."

– Malkiel, Canada



"…all I can tell you is that I feel SO GREAT carrying it!!!! My energy improves substantially and I am purchasing three more. One for my husband, one for my son, and one for a friend of mine. Thanks so much."

-Bonnie, Pennsylvania


"I have previously ordered a beaded necklace from you guys and a pocket resonator. I wear them every day, and I can definitely tell a positive difference in how I feel. I am able to sit in front of my computer without feeling as anxious and without my sinuses drying out. I also feel better when watching TV, without a lot of anxiety."

-Rita, Florida


Handmade in USA!


-Bonnie, Pennsylvania



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