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Power-Up Pyramid

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Power-Up Pyramid - Clear & Uplift Your Energy Space!

Ancient Technology delivers powerful EMF and energy clearing for today's modern spaces!

The Power-Up Pyramid will clear a 576 square foot space of all types of electromagnetic frequencies; wired, wireless and 5G, as well as all types of Geopathic Stress Zones.

The Power-Up Pyramid emits a powerful and focused clearing field that is both rejuvenating and uplifting, making it a perfect addition to any space in a home or office!

(Note on Geopathic Stress: Geopathic Stress Zones occur when the earth's natural radiations become altered due to traveling through mineral beds or underground water. These radiations then become stressful to the body, rather than beneficial. Sleeping in a Geopathic Stress Zone has been linked by several independent researchers to chronic illness.)

Authentic Shungite

Authentic Shungite is EMF Blues's own line of high-grade Shungite. Authentic Shungite possesses unique clearing and restorative properties that have earned it the name "Stone of Life" in Russia, where the stone originates. Due to its high Organic Carbon and Fullerene content, Authentic Shungite is able to neutralize all types of harmful electromagnetic frequencies and radiations, including earth radiations known as Geopathic Stress. Recent studies out of Russia on the ancient stone (Authentic Shungite is thought to be over 2 billion years old) have found it to aid in the body's healing processes as well as possess the ability to lessen overall recovery times from illnesses, surgery and accidents. Some studies have even found it to reduce radon levels while increasing overall air quality.

While the exact mechanism of how Authentic Shungite clears is not entirely understood by science, its unique ability to conduct electrical energy coupled with its containing of C-60 - a newly discovered master Fullerene antioxidant - undoubtedly contribute to its powerful EMF clearing and therapeutic properties.

Learn more about Authentic Shungite...

The Sacred Geometry of the Pyramid

The science of shapes, Sacred Geometry has found the pyramid shape to be among the most powerful. Independent studies have found that pyramids are capable of gathering energies and directing them. For this reason, they are often referred to as energy generators, as they possess the unique property of being able to increase life energy. Plants grow faster and healthier under a pyramid. Fruit and vegetables stay fresher longer under a pyramid. Water kept in a pyramid container or set underneath a pyramid will cause plants to grow better as well as make skin more supple if used for washing. All life is generally enhanced and uplifted by the energy field created by the pyramid shape.

Benefits of the Power-Up Pyramid

When Authentic Shungite is carved into a pyramid, a synergy is created that increases the beneficial properties of both the Shungite and the pyramid shape.

In addition to its powerful EMF clearing properties, Authentic Shungite may help to:

 *Calm the nerves through balancing the central nervous system

 *Aid in normalizing sleep patterns

 *Aid in normalizing circadian rhythms

 *Lessen joint pain

 *Quicken recovery times

 *Calm emotional states

Studies on Sacred Geometry have found the pyramid shape may help to:

 *Generate energy

 *Preserve foods and cut flowers

 *Accelerate the growth of plants

 *Reduce mildew and putrefaction

 *Increase focus and mental clarity

 *Energize water

How To Use

The Power-Up Pyramid is perfect for clearing rooms and office spaces. With a strong clearing field that covers 576 square feet, several Power-Up Pyramids can be placed throughout a space for Whole House Clearing.

The Power-Up Pyramid might arrive with a light residue of black powder on its surface. This is normal for Authentic Shungite, due to its high Organic Carbon content. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe it down.

While there are various opinions on whether or not Shungite needs to be periodically cleared, we have found the higher the amount of Carbon in the Shungite, the more self-clearing the stone becomes. So, while it is not necessary to clear the Power-Up Pyramid, it can be done whenever you feel it could use a 'boost'. Placing the stone in direct sunlight for several hours is our preferred method of clearing, although basic smudging can also be used.

Authentic Shungite Water

The Power-Up Pyramid can be used to make Authentic Shungite Water. Shungite Water is considered to be a therapeutic water in Russia and has been used by Russians in Folk Medicine since the time of Peter the Great. More recently, Shungite Water has been studied in Russia and is now used in agriculture as well as health spas. To make Authentic Shungite Water, simply place the Power-Up Pyramid in up to 5 gallons of water. The Power-Up Pyramid can be kept in the jug of water and the jug refilled, or it can be left to sit for several hours and then removed. We recommend boiling the Power-Up Pyramid in water for 5-10 minutes before using to make Authentic Shungite Water to disinfect it.


The Power-Up Pyramid is carved to match the same dimensions of the Egyptian Great Pyramids, as these dimensions are thought to be the best for yielding all of the benefits the pyramid shape has to offer.

Base: 3.5 inches

Height: 2.5 inches

Weight: 14.6 ounces

Origin: Russia

Power-Up Pyramid Special

*Buy (3) Power-Up Pyramids or more for $125 each.
 Clear 1728 square feet plus. Place one in each of the rooms in a house.

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Handcrafted in small batches in Russia especially for you!


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Product reviews

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by J on Jul 25th 2022

    I feel peace of mind and know this is working! I can feel it and it is such a relief!! Thank you.

  • 5
    Room Pyramid

    Posted by Virginia on Jul 4th 2022

    At first I didn’t think they were working, purchased 3. I removed two of them and within one day noticed how bad all over I was feeling like before I purchased the pyramids. I put them back in the rooms where I had put them and later in the day stared feeling better. I also find that unplugging the router at night helps. I might add that it took weeks before I started noticing a difference in how I felt, no more headaches and no more feeling bad all over at my home. Thank you!

  • 5
    GREAT Company

    Posted by Beverly Turquoise on Mar 26th 2022

    What can I really say? It's a black pyramid that deflects or eliminates EMFs. You cannot see it work. BUT....I TRUST and RECOMMED this company and I have made multiple purchases over the years. I only buy these products from EMF Blues.

  • 5
    Power up pyramid

    Posted by Byong on Mar 19th 2022

    It's great product! It reduced EMF from external.

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