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Prosperity EMF Pendant

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Personal EMF Protection & Chakra Balancing

The Prosperity EMF Pendant provides personal EMF protection to the wearer, energy enhancement and chakra balancing. Consisting of a Crystal Catalyst Bead and healing Gemstones, the Prosperity EMF Pendant activates the chakras to draw opportunities into your life while enhancing optimism.


Crystal Catalyst Bead & Gemstones

The Crystal Catalyst Bead provides personal EMF protection from all types of frequencies; wired, wireless and 5G, in addition to continual energy enhancement.

In addition to the Crystal Catalyst Bead, the Prosperity EMF Pendant contains the following high-grade Gemstones:

  • Aventurine augments the ‘pioneering spirit’ within, helping one to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Green Jade helps one to manifest goals by releasing feelings of limitations.
  • Malachite is an equalizing and balancing agent, helping to create unobstructed paths to desired goals.
  • Quartz Crystal helps one utilize talents and helps in the creation of personal power.


How To Use

The Prosperity EMF Pendant is designed to be worn as a necklace but can be placed on a keychain or even carried in a pocket. Crystal Catalyst Technology is self-clearing so does not hold on to old energies, so the Pendant does not require periodic cleansing.

What People Are Saying About the Prosperity Pendant...

"I received my pendant list night and slept with it on. I feel wonderful and my mind is calm, which feels a bit weird. Lol. Thank you for making these amazing products."

-Tammy, Ontario, Canada


Handmade in the USA!