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Shungite Bead /3 Pak

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Shungite Beads 

Get Creative With EMF Protection & Grounding

Shungite Beads are a fun, simple and practical way to get the power of Authentic Shungite stone into your life! Shungite Beads offer up an easy way to get strong personal EMF protection and grounding energy for people, kids and pets!

Perfect for jewelry making, Shungite Beads can also be used to create special charms for placing on pet collars, to tie on to purses, hang off of rearview mirrors and attach to keychains. With Shungite's unparalleled ability to clear EMFs and increase grounding energy, most people, pets and places will benefit greatly from Shungite Jewelry or a Shungite Charm!

Individually Carved From Stone

Not all Shungite Beads are created equal. Many Shungite Beads are cast from Shungite powder rather than carved from Shungite stone.

EMF Blues' Shungite Beads are each individually carved from a single piece of Shungite stone. As they are carved from an actual piece of stone, each Bead has a nice weighted feel, unlike cast Shungite Beads which tend to feel light.

Our Shungite Beads are polished and have a beautiful sheen, unlike cast Beads which are often coated and look dull or matte in their finish.

Highest-Grade Type III Shungite

Carved from the highest-grade Type III Shungite, each Bead is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 30% Organic Carbon, unlike lower grades of Type III Shungite that may contain as little as 20%.

It is the naturally occurring Carbon and Fullerenes in Shungite that contributes to the stone's strong wellness benefits and properties. Shungite is known to clear all types of harmful electromagnetic frequencies and radiations (including wired EMFs, wireless radiations and 5G high millimeter waves) through the process of harmonization. This harmonization is made possible by Shungite's unique Carbon composition.


The Carbon in Shungite is present on a molecular level in hollow shapes. These hollow shapes vary from spheres to ellipses and are called Fullerenes. Fullerenes have the ability to act as master antioxidants and studies have shown they may have enormous potential for increasing longevity. C60 is the most famous Fullerene to date.


What's more, Shungite has been found to have a dramatic grounding effect on the body, making it invaluable for keeping stress at bay and the nervous system balanced.

Make Your Own Jewelry

Each Shungite Bead comes with a hole for easy threading. Shungite Beads can be used to make all types of Shungite Jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets and  anklets. Wear several Shungite Beads together, or mix them up with other gemstones and crystals. Shungite works in tandem with the energy of other stones as it has catalystic properties due to its high Carbon make-up and will enhance the beneficial resonances of other stones it is coupled with.

Each Bead Is Unique

As each Bead is individually carved by hand not machine, no two Beads are exactly alike. Some are a bit smaller, some are a bit larger. While each Bead is sphere-shaped, no Bead is a completely perfect sphere. Please keep this in mind when ordering!

Origin: Russia

Diameter: 1 cm

Hole: 1mm

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Carved by hand in Russia especially for you!


Product reviews

  • 4
    seems to work

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 29th 2021

    hole is a bit small..... depends what you want to hang it on, I guess...

  • 5
    Read product description & understand what equates high quality pure carbon SHUNGITE this grp carries

    Posted by Gia Best on Nov 7th 2021

    My beads are great in a display, And with the holes pre drill I may string onto elastic bracelet. Thx for the verbiage in product details of seeking real SHUNGITE

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