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Star 3-Hole

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 Clear Wifi-enabled Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cordless Phones, Smart TVs and more!

Spot-Clear Wireless Radiation

 The Star 3-Hole Resonator is an Advanced Ceramic Dielectric Resonator that absorbs harmful wireless radiations and transforms them into beneficial resonances.

 The Star 3-Hole Resonator absorbs wireless radiations, filters them in its energy chamber, and then rebroadcasts them out as beneficial resonances. These beneficial resonances are no longer stressful to the body but rather beneficial. Comprised entirely of the Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst Technology, the Star 3-Hole is a spot-clearing Resonator that clears individual wireless EMF fields. It is designed to be placed directly on the technology being cleared.

Use the Star 3-Hole Resonator to clear any device or technology that emits wireless radiations. WiFi enabled Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smart TVs, Smart Speakers, Wireless Routers, Bluetooth Alarm Clocks, Cordless Phone Base Station & Handsets, Wireless Baby Intercoms, Wireless Printers, Microwave Ovens, Bluetooth Office Equipment, Remote Controls and more can be cleared using the Star 3-Hole. The Star 3-Hole has adhesive on the back, so just peel and stick!

Crystal Catalyst Technology

Crystal Catalyst Technology is a silicon-based Advanced Ceramic found only in Crystal Catalyst Resonators. Advanced Ceramics have the ability to alter energies. Fiber Optics and Solar Panels are two examples of Advanced Ceramics.

Crystal Catalyst Technology's unique composition enables it to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies and radiations. These newly harmonized frequencies are strengthening to the body. Learn more about Crystal Catalyst Technology...


Crystal Catalyst Resonators are best tested using Muscle Testing, Whole Brainwave Functioning and Dowsing. As the Resonators do not block or shield frequencies, they will not change the reading on an EMF Meter. (As the frequencies are harmonized but still present, they can be detected by an EMF Meter). For home testing, basic Muscle Testing is the best method for testing the effectiveness of the Resonators. Learn more about testing Crystal Catalyst...

How To Use

The Star 3-Hole is designed to be placed directly on the device that is being cleared. It has adhesive on the back, so just peel and stick! The Star 3-Hole does not wear out over time, so there is no need to recharge or replace, it will clear indefinitely. The Star 3-Hole can be transferred from one technology to another, simply peel and re-affix using double-sided tape.

What People Are Saying About the Star 3-Hole...

"Thanks again for your products – the only emf products I found that work and work amazingly well."

-Randall, Illinois

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Product reviews

  • 5
    Star 3-Hole resonator

    Posted by LK Nielsen on May 7th 2021


  • 4
    Trustworthy investment piece

    Posted by James on Jun 15th 2020

    Purchases a few of these at the bulk rate to gift to friends and to keep a few for myself as well. I really appreciate these products. Its an almost unbelievable world out there and the best way to protect my family from the 'invisible' harm that we are growing more and more exposed to, is to look to reliable and affordable products like EMFBlues has. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  • 4
    Recently received my purchase and look forward to EMF freedom. I would have given a 5 star but I don't have a meter to determine how much EMF is being reduced.but I trust its working.

    Posted by Laura Parrotti on May 22nd 2020

    Will order more in the future from EMF Blues

  • 4
    I have full faith the Star 3-Hole Resonator does what you say!

    Posted by Ray E Hladky on Mar 15th 2020

    What I don,t have full faith in is that I did not get an answer on my request as to what good if any does the 3 hole star do for devise's not listed on the paper that came with my order!?

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