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Star Tri-Pak

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Protection from Incoming Wireless EMFs

The Star Tri-Pak clears wireless EMFs coming in from outside sources. Containing the Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst Technology, the Star Tri-Pak transforms harmful wireless frequencies into beneficial resonances that are no longer stressful to the body.

Use the Star Tri-Pak to clear incoming wireless frequencies from Smart Meters, Cell Towers, WiFi Signals, 5G MicroCells, Broadcast Towers, Satellite Dishes and more!

The Star Tri-Pak should be placed inside the home or office and positioned so the long edge is aiming towards the source of the incoming EMFs. If there is a window that faces the direction of the incoming EMFs, we recommend placing the Tri-Pak on the windowsill with the long edge aiming out.

The Star Tri-Pak does not require recharging or replacing, as its clearing ability does not diminish over time.


What People Are Saying About the Star Tri-Pak...

"I have had major results from Crystal Catalyst in regard to the Smart Meter on my home. No more pain!"

– Cathy, Michigan


"First, thank you for the star tri pak. I am sleeping much better since I have it, I do feel it makes a big difference with the Smart Meter."

-Debora, Cleveland, Ohio

"These are wonderful products.  I just received them and the bead I wore from the time I put it on, I could feel amazingly soothing energy around me that sustained.  Also, the Star Tri-Pak makes my place feel the same way. I put it right at the level of the area where the smart meters for our units is stored."

-Joanne, Florida


Handmade in USA!

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    star trek

    Posted by Chong on Apr 9th 2019

    great product.