I received and opened my clearing plate yesterday.  I could instantly feel a shift. It is beyond amazing. I then left to get a stem cell iv.  As I drove away from the house the energy shifted again. I wished I had brought it with me!   Initially when I ordered I was going to wait and see before I ordered anything else, but when I was notified the clearing plate had shipped. I went online and ordered these books and products that would stay with me and I am beyond happy and grateful that I did. In my opinion the clearing plate was the missing link in restoring my health. I look forward to the results in the weeks to come. Thank you!

-Lisa, Lynnfield, Massachusetts

I had a patient who was an overseas stewardess on Delta Airlines. She would fly to Europe and Asia on a regular basis. She reported that her feet, and legs would ache on her flights. Because much of the wiring in an aircraft is under the floor. I put a 3 hole resonator on the bottom of each of her shoes. They were blue pumps with about an inch to inch and a half heel. We put the 3 hole just in front of the heel on the bottom of the shoe. It fixed the problem.

-Dr.Eric, Jupiter, Florida

I think the ceramics are making a big difference. I am glad I took the plunge. Thank you and the makers for providing such an important technology.- Gillian, Meriden, CT

The shungite spheres are really magical and emit such a pleasant soothing energy. I love them. I often find myself gazing into them, and even though I know they're covering the entire square footage of my home, I still want more of it around! It's like a warm hug. Everyone who sees them in our home is drawn in by them.

As for the B-510,I love it! It is definitely a different feeling from the shungite. While I don't feel energized by it, I would maybe describe its effect as clarifying. I was concerned it would create a feeling of stimulation, but chose it anyway because I wasn't confident I wouldn't break a shungite pendant. I am very happy with this product, it has a clean look and emits a feeling of mental clarity and I look forward to putting it on every day.

-Emily, Los Angeles, CA

Your Frequency Harmonizer Pendant makes my child less jumpy and the Crystal Catalyst Bead makes him sing all day. Thank you very much for such nice products…I’d like to buy more in the future.

- K. Uzan, Australia

I have used your EMF Protection Devices with great success! I have purchased just about every product you offer, including a Clearfield Plate for my home and I’m very thankful for your products! I’ve tried many other products that advertise as EMF Protection, but they did not help much at all. However, your products really work! Thanks so much for making a great product!

– Michael, Texas

I just want to say how happy I am with the Protective Pendant I bought. I work in a setting with computers,copy machines,fluorescent lighting and in very close quarters. Before the Pendant, I could not stand to be next to my computer. I felt so weird. I am now able to work without those awful feelings.

– Cynthia, Michigan

I purchased a CC Bead back in June 2012 and I wear it while on the computer. and even on a chain when I leave home. I was diagnosed with Lupus and Poly Asteritis about 6 years ago and have low energy lots of days. I thank you for such sophisticated EMF (Devices). My hands don’t hurt when I;m on the computer when I’m wearing it. I plan on ordering a Pendant and other EMF (Devices) in the near future.

– Cherryl, Palmdale,CA

I have worn the Serenity Pendant for two weeks now. I feel very calm,happy and have all the energy I need to take care of a Special Needs Child.Thank you for making such a great product.

– Swapna

I am excited to say I received my package from EMF Blues! I tried on my Crystal Catalyst Bead and the difference was immediate! My energy went up and my voice grew stronger.

– Eileen,British Columbia, Canada

Thank you for your product…I could not see if it worked so devised a method of testing using my kinesiology skills which work for food allergy and YES your products make a difference! One is stronger with the product when touching the TV,mobile and computer!! Well done guys, I have long thought of how we could counter this excess of EMFs.

– Sonia, United Kingdom

Hi, It’s been almost half a year since I bought your EMF Beads and I must tell you it has made a positive impact on me as well as my family.

– Raymond, Honolulu, HI

I have been wearing my Blue Bead day and night for two weeks now and I never want to take it off. Before I found your product, I was ‘too aware’ of the feeling from computer and TV screens,fluorescent lights,cell phones and their towers and the like. Now that I have worn your Bead for a while, I can say with a sure degree of certainty that it is the reason I feel ‘so much better”…my sleep has not been this peaceful since I lived in a rural forested mountain area as a kid. I am so much calmer all the time. I love you guys! Thank you!!

– Ryan, Southern California

I have the Bead around my neck and I feel great. I commute at least 3 hours per day and since putting the Bead on I’ve experienced a dramatic change. I’m so much happier and more positive.

– Rob, Sunshine Coast, Australia

I am going to be ordering more products soon as I am very impressed so far with the products I have just received from you. I have previously tried other devices that seemingly have lots of supporting evidence but personally not found any benefit. I would encourage other people who have had similar experiences (and therefore may be reluctant to try yet another device) to give your products a go- they are different and they make a difference to me!

– Anonymous Medical Professional

I have had major results from Crystal Catalyst in regard to the Smart Meter on my home. No more pain!

– Cathy, Michigan

I first want you to know what a difference the bead and 3-hole has made. I wear the bead all the time, never take it off. I love it as I feel so much better.

-Jeanine, Texas

Thank you! I want you to know that I put a single blue bead on my toddler’s teething necklace and the rash that the doctor said was caused by cell phone radiation (and tv) is going away rapidly!! I just used a piece of jute to tie it between the two front beads with knots. I will order more products to clear tv, car, etc. But I am so happy to see such an improvement so fast! He has had it for three months, coming and going every day in a different pattern.

- Rachel, Louisiana

I was so happy to finally place it (the Clearfield Plate) into position in my new home. I swear I felt it jump in my hands as I unwrapped it. It felt like a mild jolt.

-Evelyn, California

These are wonderful products. I just received them and the bead I wore from the time I put it on,I could feel amazingly soothing energy around me that sustained. Also, the Star Tri-Pak makes my place feel the same way. I put it right at the level of the area where the smart meters for our units is stored.

-Joanne, Florida

Thank you for responding to my email so quickly and upgrading the shipping. I received my order today, and the pendants I ordered are gorgeous, I hate to take it off and I can already tell the difference. I’ll be sleeping with one under my pillow tonight.”

-Susan, Michigan

Thank you for the cell phone tab stickies. Unfortunately my housekeeper threw away the tab while I was waiting for the stickies, so I had to buy some new tabs. I didn’t realize what a difference your products make in how unpleasant it is to use my electronics, but you certainly have found a repeat customer. I just wanted to say thank you.

-Jonathon, Washington DC

I have been wearing both the bead and Pocket Resonator for about a week now. When Itook the Resonator out of the packaging the energy really popped out at me so I knew it was going to be effective in some way. I had no idea just how effective. I am very sensitive to EMF and during the day work 8+hrs at a computer throughout the week. This work environment is also littered with a variety of different wireless and electrical equipment that has really taken its toll, notably, on my memory. I have for years now not been able to remember what happened 5 minutes ago, let alone what someone might be asking me to type up for them in the last 2 seconds. In the last few days I have been noticing that I remember errands I have to do without looking at my to do list, and today I actually remembered a string of 10 words when doing dictation. WOW! I don’t remember the last time I was able to do that. I have tried a few products along the way and I have never had the memory return as it is doing now… at long last. I wear the bead 24/7 and believe my sleep is better because of it. Thank you for your efforts of creating such an effective device.

-Malkiel, Canada

Thanks again for your products – the only emf products I found that work and work amazingly well.

-Randall, Illinois

Thank you very much! Your products have helped me more than other well known popular EMF protection being that I purchased and returned after trying your products…I think every family needs to protect themselves against the dirty electricity (electromagnetic radiation and massive push of wireless and radio signals that are causing illnesses and EMF sensitivity.

–Constance, Maryland

Your technology is helping me a lot! The Energy harmonizer has made me more calm and relaxed in many instances where I would have been fatigued, nervous and anxious in the presence of electrical meters, lights and appliances like heaters, stoves etc. And I have used it only for a week!

-Kailash, Florida

“I recently purchased your Tripak for clearing the EMF from a power hub behind the house, which is working great.”

-Drew, California

I bought the Tri Pak to cover me from the Transformer box outside of my window. Lovely I feel much better.

–Rochelle, Camarillo, CA

I was weary buying something for such a good price, but after buying the bead, I had to buy the phone and laptop press on tabs too! I feel so much better and being a graduate student who sits at a desk most of the day, I feel soooo much better and less exhausted! Don’t hesitate! It truly makes a difference.

-Donna, Washington DC

The products have been helping enormously. I finally realized that the pocket resonator works best under my mattress (after placing the resonator under the mattress, wait 3-5 days for your body’s brain wave to adjust to the new frequencies. It is a pattern shift, more recuperative, deeper dream state yet more conscious pattern. It is not restlessness, just a wave shift). Big difference. The star resonators help a great deal as well. One of them I made into a pendant. Incredible.

-Anthony, Meriden, CT

Thank you so much, I have started to use the clearing plate for the mobile phone tower nearby and I feel so much better, it felt as if all my cells were lighter and more light-filled, and I sleep much better, such a relief!! Kind regards & blessing.

-Tina, West Sussex, UK

I have to express how impressed I am with your website, and particularly your products. We used your products way back in late 80’s.. when all EMF information was out and folks were becoming aware. Most EMF products out there in the market are very expensive; which most people cannot afford… Thank you for making the most high quality products for geopathic stress, EMF stress, personal Chakra protection, etc.

-Gina, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I received all of the EMF order I placed and just wanted to say that each item is beautifully made, especially the energy Harmonizer.

-Eva, Dublin, Ireland

Guys I am extremely happy with your wonderful products! And so is my wife. Thank you once again for your excellent and superb service.

-Fahad, Carlisle, MA

We live next door to a fire station with an antenna. The beads have made all the difference in the world.

-Lisa, New London, CT

I just got my order from you and I like them, I actually feel calmer and somewhat balanced when I started to put the Crystal Bead in my pocket.

-Amelia, CA

I have previously ordered a beaded necklace from you guys and a pocket resonator. I wear them every day, and I can definitely tell a positive difference in how I feel. I am able to sit in front of my computer without feeling as anxious and without my sinuses drying out. I also feel better when watching TV, without a lot of anxiety.

-Rita, FL

She has been unable to sleep in her bedroom for almost of year because she had become so sensitive to the EMFs. Since I gave her the Tri-Pak she has been able to sleep without any problems. Thank you for your products!

-Dale, South Carolina

Thank you so much for the extra care on shipping. I LOVE your company, you really go out of your way to accommodate customers–& your products are fantastic. That’s a hard combination to beat!

-W. Koretz, South Carolina

I also got an “I AM Safe” pendent and I don’t think it was a coincidence that after a few days of wearing it I unearthed some very deep thoughts about things I thought were unsafe. These thoughts help answer questions about situations I kept attracting that couldn’t otherwise be explained. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that it made a very big difference to me.

-Cassidy, North Carolina

Thanks so much for the lovely products. Love them. Sleeping like babies for first time ever. It’s almost eerie how good we are sleeping.

-Debbi, Michigan

I bought one of your Clearfield Plates about 6 months ago, and am very happy with it, thank you. Many thanks for your wonderful products!

-Claudia, New South Wales, Australia

I want to share with you..I was on Jury Duty for 4 days. I wore my pendant daily there. When it was time to deliberate..I notice how calm I felt while others in the room were talking loud and getting upset with some of the jurors. I left each day feeling peaceful and relax..so I know these pendants work! What a blessing..thank you!!

-Jeanine, Beaumont, Texas

Also I have noticed a huge difference in my energy since using your products. So Thank You! I found out I am an empath and that I have a big sensitivity to the emf’s and the wifi which I found out was bombarding my home. I was always extremely exhausted and felt just like I could not even keep my eyes open.. Since using the plate and the spot clearing I am so much better. I make it though the day and then some feeling fine for the most part!! Its really a blessing!

-Jamie, Sandy Springs, Georgia

I did not know the effects of EMF’s on my bodies, mind, spirit until I tried out the products that you offer. I of course have not tried them all. I recently bought: a Crystal Catalyst Bead and a Pocket Resonator. I have been wearing the Catalyst Bead around my neck and carrying the Pocket Resonator in my watch pocket with the proper side towards my body. I work in a metal fabrication shop with many machines running most of the time. There is also WiFi. I drive 32 miles to and from work so I get all of my cars emissions. At home there is WiFi and a laptop and a desktop computer. I have been going to a chiropractor once every month since I got hit by a car in 1985 while riding bicycle. It has been a month and one half and I have never felt so good. All of the emf radiation in the world has been the major source of me not holding my adjustment from the chiropractor. I will not have to go every month to feel adjusted. I sometimes do a physical session of the Egoscue Method for physical posture. With your EMF Protection Devices and a small amount of Egoscue I will not have to go to the chiropractor as often as I did.. “Thanks”

-Dward, Stone Mountain, Georgia

I have many of your products. I use the beads for my cell phone, I have beads for our Wifi and beads for my computers and I love them and can actually feel the difference for the better when I have the bead on the product as opposed to when it’s not there. I also have your directional products for the smart meter in the house.

-Karen, Connecticut

I LOVE your products, they have made such a positive impact on my life. I gave the security company here your info, in case they have other clients like me who are super-sensitive. They say they will bring it up at meetings & share it at conventions as well. You are my favorite company on the planet! Best & thanks.

-Willa, South Carolina

I applied two of your spot-devices on my iphone, and what a difference! No more shocks or headache stress.

–Naomi, Virginia

Yes, received the package today and was very excited!! THANK YOU!! Feel much better and do plan on ordering more in the future. I love the plate and realize it is made to order and will allow for timing. My hubby just shakes his head at me when I told him to put one in his pocket. LOL…but you know what….he had a very calm day today at work. Thanks again and hope to order more in the future

-Cynthia, Wildwood, Florida

I’m so happy i’ve found EMFBlues for my and my son’s protection and for the various strange houses we’ve lived in so far, including this one which is the only house i’ve ever bought but there was a strange feeling coming from the big bedroom corner ( only late at night ) so i hung your Energy Harmonizer up onto the back of the bedroom door facing the corner and within about a month , i noticed the odd feeling had disappeared completely.

-Linda, United Kingdom

My pleasure! The spiral shell is wonderful. Your devices are changing my life for the better.

-Nina, Woodstock, NY

Quick thank you note and success story. I’ve bought multiple items from your site and have been extremely happy with your products and service. THANK YOU! Recently I purchased 2 simple little EMF beads. My intention was to tuck one in the couch cushion and the other in the doggie bed for my two dogs. They had issues when they wore collars/their tags bumping into their dog bowls. After receiving my order, I placed the beads in the two areas where they spent the most time. That night, came home, was retiring in another room watching tv and noticed that one dog was missing. I found him in the dark, curled up, on the couch, laying directly on top of where the bead was tucked in the couch! This was very unlike him – he follows me everywhere like a shadow and fearful of being alone. From that moment on, they have been wearing the beads on their collars 24/7. I’ve noticed a decrease in barkiness and general anxiety level. I highly recommend your products to everyone.

-Elaine, New Mexico

I have been using cell phone tab more than one year. My homeopath in Bakersfield, CA recommended to use it for cell phone. It works! I have chronic Lyme disease for a decade, so I have EMF Sensitivity.

-Tomoko, CA

Some good news to share with you about the value of your products. Just returned from the acupuncturist that I have not seen since I started wearing your two pendants on 12/31/15. She was *amazed* how much I have improved since she last worked on balancing me. It could not have been due to her work as I have not been to her since I started wearing the pendants, and I have been seeing her every 1-2 weeks for a few years with very slow improvement.Well done!

– JF, Oregon

I received my “I am Strong” pendant, and I just love it! It’s beautiful, and it looks like a “real” necklace that I can wear and not have to hide.

-Nancy, Michigan

Thank you for making such an effective, reasonably priced product, and for the fantastic customer service! My dog seems to be really solid with it [the Bead].

-Tiffany, Los Angeles, CA

The I Am Safe pendant that I ordered arrived yesterday…so when I got back to work, I went ahead…and put the I Am Safe on. Almost immediately my thinking was clearer and I felt better. Before I left work – about 2 hours after I put it on – I noticed that the general icky feeling that has been non stop these 5 months was gone. And this morning when I got up, it is the first time I have felt good. It is just wonderful, and I thank you for your fine product.

-Dawna, Nebraska

Firstly, let me say thank you for your terrific products that allow me to function in the modern world. I am super sensitive to energy and your devices truly reduce the blast of these overrated gadgets.

-Daniel, San Francisco, CA

I bought a CC bead and have been wearing it for abut 4-5 days. I am extremely sensitive to all sorts of things but some times dense about cause and/or effect. Since wearing the CC bead for such a short time, I have started dreaming again, and even remembering part of it, after years of this being nonexistent to my knowledge or memory. So if it’s doing that, it must be doing other things too, that I haven’t discovered.

-Sande, West Virginia

Thanks so much. I live in a condo where the neighbor below is running a commercial network in an effort to provide free wifi to the neighbors. We, my mother and I, are getting pinged and other symptoms constantly. Your products have really helped relieve symptoms.

- Nancy, Colorado

I received my shungite package yesterday. Twenty minutes after I opened it I felt a marked difference in the room and noticed that my jaws were slowly becoming unclenched and relaxed. I had a very restful night and woke up in a grateful and peaceful state. I'm so thankful for this product. It was worth waiting for! Thank you so much to my EMF Blues family.

-Vel, Brooklyn, NY

My 11 year old dog has greatly benefited from wearing a bead and I LOVE my pocket locket. It muscle tested amazingly on me.

-Emily, Colorado


The G-33 did make the bedroom feel different. We moved to the beach from PA 2 1/2 yrs ago, & I told my husband that the room always felt like it had a heavy energy compared to the rest of the house. Of course he hasn't noticed it, but I am sensitive to energies with having cfs & lymes. I did blessings, space clearing, anything I could think of & yet still that off feeling. Last night for the first time the heaviness is gone. So thank you, Carol

-Carol, New Jersey