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The ORB -  Whole House EMF Protection from 'the Stone of Life'

Beautiful, functional and LARGE, the ORB is a 2 billion year old Ancient Remedy for a very modern problem - EMF Pollution! As the amount of background radiation increases, due in part to the roll-out of 5G, there is a stronger need for overall space-clearing. Whole House EMF Protection takes care of that need in one swoop!

Whole House Clearing Device

The ORB is a Whole House Clearing device that will clear all types of EMFs; wired, wireless and 5G, while providing strong grounding energy.

The ORB will also clear Geopathic Stress Zones. Geopathic Stress Zones are natural ground radiations that have become harmful due to the frequencies being altered by traveling through underground water and/or underground mineral beds. Sleeping in Geopathic Stress Zones has been linked to cancer.

With a reach of 79 feet in all directions - including up and down - The ORB clears a total of 6241 square feet.

It is quite a substantial and impressive piece of Authentic Shungite!

Authentic Shungite

Authentic Shungite is a stone that dates back to the Precambrian era on earth. It is found only in a certain part of Russia. While its origins are shrouded in mystery, many scientists believe it came from a meteorite hitting the earth over 2 billion years ago. Authentic Shungite is comprised of a high amount of Organic Carbon along with naturally occurring Fullerenes. Scientists attribute the stones unique therapeutic properties to both its Organic Carbon and Fullerene count.

The ORB is carved from a single piece of high-grade Type III Authentic Shungite, rather than cast from Shungite powder or rubble, and will contain an average of 50% Organic Carbon. No coating that could block its field is used on The ORB, the sheen comes just from being polished.


Fullerenes are a fairly recent discovery, with C60 being the most famous. Fullerenes are considered to be Master Antioxidants. Laboratory studies done of rats being fed C-60 resulted in the complete renewal of their livers along with a drastic increase in their lifespan.

The unique shape of the Carbon molecules is what gives Fullerenes their unique abilities. They are hollow shaped, thus, like clays, they have a lot of surface area which allows them to adsorb, and 'chambers' which allow them to transform energy and then rebroadcast it out.  One way EMFs cause harm to the body is by producing free-radicals and oxidative stress. Fullerenes, as Master Antioxidants, put out the flame on free-radical and oxidation damage.

Like Royal Jelly from the bee and like Fulvic Minerals from the earth, scientists can not understand exactly how Authentic Shungite does what it does. Authentic Shungite is able to conduct electricity, which points to it having very unique properties as far as stones and minerals go. When put in an environment, these same unique properties work to purify both the energy and the air of a space - transforming harmful EMFs into beneficial resonances that are no longer stressful to the body but rather beneficial.

Spherical Shape

When Authentic Shungite is carved into a specific shape, it changes its field to reflect the properties of the shape. Shungite Orbs have been found to have fields that are very uniform, very harmonizing, and very, very soothing - making them ideal for living spaces and areas of sleep.

Therapeutic Properties

In Russia, Authentic Shungite is used as a healing agent for those recovering from illness or surgery. Shungite Rooms are used as adjuncts to some hospital in Russia. These are rooms tiled completely with Shungite; on the floor, ceiling and walls. Patients spend time in these rooms to augment recovery. Authentic Shungite has been shown to have a positive effect on the nervous system and immune system, and has been found to help re-balance the body after stress.

Made Just For You!

Each ORB is unique and made especially for you! The ORB is carved from a single piece of high-grade Authentic Shungite. When you order The ORB, a large piece of high-grade Authentic Shungite is mined in Russia and then individually carved and polished.

Each ORB measures roughly 8 inches in diameter, with there being slight variations as each is individually carved.

The ORB comes with its own Authentic Shungite Stand. The Stand is rough cut, so the shape of each Stand will vary. Although the Stand is polished, the edges are rough cut and not polished, so the Stand might arrive with a bit of black powder on it. This is just Authentic Shungite residue. A damp cloth can be used to remove it.

Origin: Russia

FREE USA Shipping

The ORB ships for FREE from Russia via DHL Express. The ORB ships from Russia for FREE within the USA via DHL Express. When ordering, please be sure to give us a Street Address where you can receive DHL deliveries as well as a contact phone number. DHL Express arrives within 6-10 days.


Our Whole House Clearing Authentic Shungite items are Custom Made items individually carved upon order. All returns of The Great Pyramid and The ORB, carry a 25% restocking fee. Please note, all return shipping costs are the responsibility of the Customer.

Handcarved in Russia from a single Shungite stone!

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    The Orb

    Posted by Matthew Eagle on Jan 3rd 2022

    While the Orb is not cheap, it works very well. You can feel the energy coming off the Orb.