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Gentle yet powerful EMF protection for sensitives!

The W-500 - 'Sensitive' Personal EMF Protection

The W-500 is the Resonator of choice for those who are highly sensitive to energies and for those who are already very electrically sensitive.

Similar to the B-510 in its design, the W-500 emits a gentle clearing field that protects the body from all types of electromagnetic frequencies while stabilizing the body's overall energy field.

The W-500 contains Crystal Catalyst Crumbles. Crumbles are a form of Crystal Catalyst Technology that allows the Advanced Ceramic to absorb a large amount of EMFs even when contained in a small space, as the Crumbles give the Crystal Catalyst a large surface area which increases the clearing ability of the Advanced Ceramic.

Unlike its sister Resonator, the B-510, the Crumbles in the W-500 are encased in a non-metal carrier. The W-500 uses an unglazed wood case to contain the Crumbles. The wood paired with the Crumbles softens the Resonator's clearing field and produces a beneficial resonance that is very soothing and calming to the body, rather than stimulating.

In addition to those who are sensitive to energies and those who are already very electrically sensitive, the W-500 is recommended for the elderly as well as for those who are in a weakened state due to surgery, accidents or chronic illness, such as Lymes Disease. It is also recommended for those suffering from autoimmune issues such as Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.

As the W-500 contains no metal, it is also a perfect choice for personal EMF protection when flying, as it can go through metal detectors.

The W-500 can be carried in a pocket or placed in a bag.

Crystal Catalyst Technology

Crystal Catalyst Technology is a new type of Advanced Ceramic that is comprised of Quartz Crystals, Clays and Rare Earths. Crystal Catalyst Technology's unique structure as an Advanced Ceramic enables it to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies. These newly harmonized frequencies are no longer stressful to the body but rather beneficial. Learn more about Crystal Catalyst Technology...

Testing Crystal Catalyst Resonators

Crystal Catalyst Resonators are best tested using Muscle Testing. Muscle Testing, also known as Kiniseology, will show the body is stronger when in the clearing field of the Resonators. The body tests stronger when carrying the W-500. Learn more about Testing the Resonators...

What Does The W-500 Clear?

The W-500 clears your personal energy field of all types of EMFs; wired, wireless, and 5G. Carry in a pocket on your person or place in a purse or bag. It will harmonize all types of electromagnetic frequencies and radiations that enter into your biofield. These frequencies will be harmonized so they no longer weaken the body but actually strengthen it. The damage done by EMF exposure is done over time by the continual weakening of the body. This is why symptoms of electrically sensitivity begin to arise, as the body is no longer able to function optimally under the constant stress. Harmonizing the frequencies eliminates the stress and allows the body to functional in a more optimal way.

How do I know the W-500 is working?

While many people will notice an increased sense of well-being, improved energy levels and better sleep when using the W-500, EMFs are a subtle energy and not everyone is so tuned into that energy that they notice the improvements. The W-500 can be tested at home with a partner using basic Muscle Testing. Videos on how to do basic Muscle Testing can be found online. You can hold an active cell phone that has not been cleared in one hand while your partner tries to push your arm down. Your arm will go down easily, as you will have no strength to resist the push. Then, hold the active cell phone while holding or wearing the W-500. Again, have your partner try to push your arm down. Your arm will stay up, as your body is stronger and you are able to resist the push. Muscle Testing is a method of biofeedback that uses your own body as the EMF Meter. For a book on Muscle Testing, see Dr. John Diamond's book "Your Body Doesn't Lie."

Can I Take the Crystal Catalyst Crumbles Out of the Case?

While it is possible, we don't recommend doing so. The wooden case is part of the Resonator's design. The wood is unglazed and just finished with a mineral oil. The unglazed wood coupled with the Advanced Ceramic creates a unique resonance that allows the Resonator to emit a strong clearing field that is not overstimulating but gentle enough for those who are very energy sensitive, very electrically sensitive, elderly and/or in a debilitated state.

Is the W-500 Suitable for Kids?

Yes, the sensitive resonance of the W-500 can be very beneficial for children, especially for those tho are overactive or in the Autistic Spectrum. It can be carried in a pocket or even placed in a schoolbag.

Where is the W-500 Made?

The W-500 is made by hand by the McKusick family in Arizona. The McKusicks are the creators of the Advanced Ceramic Crystal Catalyst Technology and have been designing and making Crystal Catalyst Resonators for over 30 years.

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Product reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Patricia on Sep 12th 2020

    Like protective wings of an angel... the children will like them, I'm sure.

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