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Get EMF protection not by blocking or shielding EMFs, but by harmonizing them

Don't Block or Shield EMFs, Harmonize Them!

While most EMF Protection Devices on the market are aimed at blocking or shielding EMFs, Crystal Catalyst® Resonators go one step further! These ceramic resonators harmonize electromagnetic frequencies so they are no longer harmful to your body. This makes them powerful EMF Protection Devices AND Life Energy Enhancers. Muscle Testing reveals this...

"I had my Crystal Catalyst® Bead muscle tested by my naturopath and he was impressed by how well it worked for so little cost. I am now buying Cell Phone Tabs and the Star 3 Hole. I now feel confident in buying more and recommending them to others." -William, Quebec, Canada

Crystal Catalyst Technology provides EMF protection by harmonizing electromagnetic frequencies

Want to Understand HOW They Work, We’ll Tell You!

Crystal Catalyst ® Resonators harmonize electromagnetic frequencies through the use of a new advanced ceramic material called Crystal Catalyst® Technology. Crystal Catalyst ® Technology has a unique composition and structure which allows it to absorb and then rebroadcast harmful electromagnetic radiations in a cleaner form. These cleaner frequencies are beneficial to the body. Tests shows that Crystal Catalyst® Resonators increase the body's strength and enhance whole brainwave functioning.

"Do you ever tell what these blue disks are composed of? Don’t know how, but they really do stop the icky vibes from coming out of the computer. I don't feel them anymore. Thank you! -Robyn, Kentucky"

The Orb - Shungite

Authentic Shungite

Authentic Shungite is a stone that dates back to the Precambrian era on earth. It is found only in a certain part of Russia. While its origins are shrouded in mystery, many scientists believe it came from a meteorite hitting the earth over 2 billion years ago. Authentic Shungite is comprised of a high amount of Organic Carbon along with naturally occurring Fullerenes. Scientists attribute the stones unique therapeutic properties to both its Organic Carbon and Fullerene count. The ORB is carved from a single piece of high-grade Type III Authentic Shungite, rather than cast from Shungite powder or rubble, and will contain an average of 50% Organic Carbon. No coating that could block its field is used on The ORB, the sheen comes just from being polished.

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